Legal Disclaimer

The services and materials provided by ILS Management, LLC and InterActive Legal Systems (collectively, “ILS”) are made available to assist members of the bar and other legal professionals. The software system known as “Wealth Transfer Planning,” as well as other software related services, documents, forms and other materials provided by ILS, including information and materials made available at its website,, are collectively referred to as the “Materials.”

ILS makes make no claims or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, currency, or adequacy of the Materials. Documents produced using the Wealth Transfer Planning software system or other product software system (the “System”) may not accurately reflect choices made by the user in building documents generated by it, and the provisions contained in the documents generated by the System may not represent what the user intended. Accordingly, any documents generated with the System should be carefully reviewed by competent legal counsel admitted to practice law in the relevant jurisdiction to ensure that the documents contain the appropriate provisions, are suitable for the client for whom they are prepared, and comply with Federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Each user of the Materials must necessarily exercise professional judgment and due care and take responsibility for their use. No information provided in or use of the Materials is intended to constitute legal advice or to substitute for the advice of qualified counsel. Furthermore, the delivery and use of the Materials is not provided in the course of an attorney-client relationship, and none is to be implied.

Non-lawyers professionals using the Materials should not act on the basis of any matter contained in the Materials without seeking appropriate legal advice.

The Materials are provided “as is.” ILS makes does not make, and no user receives, any warranty whatsoever with respect to the Materials, and particularly no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and no warranty of merchantability. No employee of or other person working under the direction of ILS is authorized to provide oral representations or warranties with respect to the Materials.

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