Clio Connection Guide

InterActive LegalSuite (ILS) connects to Clio via OAuth 2.0 and requires some setup before it can begin importing your clients to ILS. ILS will not ask for or store your Clio username or password; however, you will need access to your Clio account via your web browser to allow ILS to connect to your Clio account.

ILS will only connect to the United States ( region and will not be configured to connect to the Canada or Europe regions.

This integration was created based on Clio’s Api V4 documentation. If you would like more information on the Clio API, please contact Clio support at

Each user of ILS will need to perform the steps below.

Initial Setup Guide

  1. When you first attempt to import from Clio, your web browser should have opened to asking if you want to ALLOW or DENY access to InterActive LegalSuite. You may have to log in to Clio before you see the below screen.
  2. Click the green “ALLOW ACCESS” button.
    1. Help! I do not see the page to ALLOW ACCESS!
      1. Open ILS, navigate to SmartContent, and select “Add New Client”
        Add New Client
      2. On the “Add Client” screen, left or right click the “Import Client Data” button and select “Clio” from the drop-down menu that appears.
        Import Client Data > Clio
      3. If you do not see the “Import Client Data” button, you may need to update your ILS application or connect with our Technical Support for assistance.
    2. Help! I see the “Import Clio Client Data to ILS” form but Clio did not ask me to ALLOW ACCESS!
      1. You may already be connected to Clio. However, it would be a good idea to reconnect, just in case something has changed.
      2. Go to the Settings menu and click “Reconnect to Clio” as shown here:
  3. Clio’s webpage will now give you a Success Code that you will need to copy to ILS.
    Copy Clio Success Code
    1. Help! I don’t see the “Clio Success Code” form.
      1. If you see the “Import Clio Client Data to ILS” form, please go to the Settings menu and click “Reconnect to Clio” .
      2. If you are back on the main ILS program page, please start the process to import client data from the Add Client page.
    2. If you continue to have trouble connecting, please contact Technical Support.
  4. Once the above steps are completed you will be on the main Import page and may continue to Clio Import Client Guide.


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