Clio Import Client Guide

  • Because Clio Contacts/Matters can be customized in myriad ways, ILS has defined a process every user of Clio should follow if they are to import Contacts from Clio.
  • InterActive LegalSuite (ILS) will collect the Client and Related Contacts of a Clio Matter to fill in as much of the ILS Client Interview as possible.
  • Importing Client data from Clio will only be available for NEW Clients in ILS.
  • Clio Import into ILS supports Custom Contact Fields, see our Clio Custom Fields Guide to learn more.
  • If you have not yet set up your connection to Clio, please see our Clio Connection Guide.

Importing a Contact and their Related Contacts

When importing to ILS, you will be prompted to select a Matter from Clio that will be used as a reference for ILS to import the Client and any Related Contacts you have linked in that Matter.
When you create a Matter in Clio, you can add Related Contacts and label those Contacts as shown below.

Contact Relationships

Since the “Relationship” is a free text field, ILS will require you to use a set of predefined Relationships as defined below.

The following will be identified as "Spouse" in the Client interview:

  • "husband", "wife", "spouse", "partner"


The following will be identified as "Child" in the Client interview:

  • "son", "step-son", "daughter", "step-daughter", "child", "children", "step-child", "step-children"


The following will be identified as "Grandchild" in the Client interview:

  • "grandchild", "grandchildren", "granddaughter", "grandson"


All other relationships, including blanks, will be considered a "Party" in the Client interview.


Import Clio Contact(s) to ILS

  1. From SmartContent, select “Add New Client”
  2. Add New Client


  3. On the “Add Client” screen, left or right click the “Import Client Data” button and select “Clio” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Import Client Data > Clio
    • If you do not see the “Import Client Data” button, you may need to update your ILS application or connect with our Technical Support for assistance.
  5. IMPORTANT! If you are prompted to enter your App Key and Secret, you will need to complete the Clio Connection Guide before proceeding with this guide.
  6. The “Import Clio Client Data to ILS” form will open, and you will need to click the “Get Contact(s)…” menu item to search for a Matter to import. (You may also press Alt + “C” as a shortcut)
  7. Get Contact(s)...


  8. This will open a new form that will allow you to search your Matters for the Contacts you wish to import:
  9. Search Matters
    1. Enter a search string (minimum of 2 characters) to find your Matter. This searches the Matters' name (00002-Pritchett above), Description and Client name.
    2. Click the “Search” button or press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard to begin the search.
    3. Select the Matter you want to use. If you have a long list of Matters, try refining your search string or clicking the column headers to help sort the Results.
    4. Once your Matter is highlighted blue like the above screenshot, click the “Use Selected Matter” to get a preview of the contacts that will be imported.
  10. If you notice a Contact that should not be included in this import, you may select that individual Contact and remove it by first selecting the Contact then clicking the “Remove Selected Contact” as shown below.
  11. Remove Selected Contact


  12. If you confirm the preview of the contacts what will be imported, you may click the “Import to ILS” to proceed with the import.
  13. Import to ILS


  14. If you selected the wrong Matter, you may go back to Step 4 above to start the process again.
  15. Next, you will be returned to the “Add Client” screen where the Client Name and Notes have been filled in by the import process. Press “OK” to continue with the import or “Cancel” to exit the “Add Client” screen.
  16. Add Client OK


  17. Next the Client Interview will open in HotDocs and the data imported from Clio will be automatically populated. Any required fields in the interview that were not included in the import will need to be populated. The more you make use of the predefined custom contact fields, the less you’ll need to fill out in the interview.
  18. HD Client Interview


NOTE: Data imported using this function is transmitted directly from Clio or derived from data received from Clio. InterActive Legal does not guarantee that all data will be imported and formatted correctly. You are responsible for reviewing all Client information, including all imported data, for accuracy prior to drafting documents in this system.

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