Formatting and Customization

Document Formatting and Editing in Microsoft Word

This training class is recommended for attorneys, paralegals and word processing personnel who edit InterActive LegalSuite documents. The webinar covers the advanced Word features used in InterActive LegalSuite documents. Participants learn how to add/edit text using the proper techniques to keep text aligned and auto-numbering formatted correctly. ILS distributes a proprietary toolbar in Word that provides several easy and convenient editing and formatting tools. All features of the ILS toolbar are covered in this webinar. The following optional topics will be covered in the final 30 minutes: footers, custom style sheets, and creating a two-level table of contents.

Training Resources for Document Formatting:

  1. LIVE Online Training:  View upcoming training schedule and register here
  2. PDF: ILS Toolbar Summary (Word for Windows)
  3. PDF: ILS Toolbar Summary (Equivalents for Word for Mac)
  4. Video Presentations:  Watch Video Below

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Customization Training Resources

Customization Training Resources

PDF:  Basic Customization Quick Reference Guide

Customization of Profiles:

Profiles: What they are, how they work, and how they can save you time. This recorded webinar covers how to select from a group of profiles, how interviews work when you start with a profile, how to make them work for you, why “No Preset Answers” is almost always the least efficient starting point, how to create your own profiles to save time, and how to edit your profiles when drafting options change.  This course is only available in a recorded version. 

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Customization of Element Templates: 

This webinar is available to professional version Wealth Transfer Planning and Elder Law Planning subscribers only. InterActive Legal has opened up the templates for editing by authorized users with developer privileges. Since the templates are regularly updated, preliminary training is required before any customization is attempted. This webinar covers the structure of ILS templates, the MECHANICS of how to edit Element Templates, best practices for managing customized templates and updates to shipping templates, and paragraph and text formatting tips. This webinar is offered on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. (Required prerequisite: Subscriber Drafting Webinar: "Quick Drafting in InterActive Legal - Choosing (and Building) Profiles with Real-World Examples.")  Due to the technical nature of this course, it is only available in a Live Online Session.  

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